Surgical Scissors

Cutting Edge Precision: Surgical Scissors by Wrangler Instruments

As with other best surgical instruments Sialkot, surgical scissors are available in various lengths, styles, and sizes. In terms of shapes, curved or straight ends can be selected, depending upon the particular surgical process or phase involved. Listed below is information regarding some surgical scissors that Wrangler Pakistan offers:


By using bipolar scissors in open surgery, cutting and preparation can be carried out simultaneously while coagulation is carried out. When precision coagulation is required, bipolar scissors are ideal. They can create a point or a flat surface. A small area of tissue is conductive between the two scissor blades. Therefore, bipolar scissors offer a greater level of patient safety than monopolar scissors.

⦿ Wide bipolar scissors are available in 18cm, 21cm, 23cm, and 28cm.
⦿ Obtainable in lengths of 18 centimeters, 21 centimeters, 23 centimeters, and 28 centimeters, bipolar slender type scissors are of the slim type.
⦿ Supercut Bipolar scissors come in either 18 cm or 21 cm lengths. The precise cutting blades permit fine and exact tissue coagulation, either simultaneously or alternately.
⦿ The Micro bipolar scissors are available in lengths of 13, 14, and 17.5 mm and feature ultra-thin and narrow blades, making them suitable for precision procedures.

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Skills Knowledge

Due to the combination of skills and knowledge of Wrangler Instruments, an innovative and distinctive surgical instrument has been introduced to the market. Having studied the market and understanding our clients’ expectations, we combined dual finishes on one instrument. One assist in reducing glare under theatrical lighting, and the other guarantees maximum cleaning efficiency.

Customer Satisfaction

Wrangler Instruments always improves its methods and practices in order to provide the finest customer service possible. As a company, we prefer to apply our experience to enhance our product lines, so that they may better serve our customers’ needs. Customer satisfaction is high because we know they can trust us to worry about quality and reliability as much as they do since we are a close-knit and devoted family company.

The company’s expert instrument finishers ensure that all surgical instruments are subjected to thorough cleaning before being dispatched for final processing.