Surgical Scissors

As with other best surgical instruments Sialkot, surgical scissors are available in various lengths, styles, and sizes. In terms of shapes, curved or straight ends can be selected, depending upon the particular surgical process or phase involved. Listed below is information regarding some surgical scissors that Wrangler Pakistan offers:

Bandages Scissors

Lister bandage scissors are used to cut the bandages and dressings. By using the blunt tip of these scissors, you will be able to lift the bandage securely from the skin for easy dressing and removal. Bandage scissors make cutting dressings and bandages easier with their angled blade and smooth bottom tips.

Bipolar Scissors

By using bipolar scissors in open surgery, cutting and preparation can be carried out simultaneously while coagulation is carried out. When precision coagulation is required, bipolar scissors are ideal. They can create a point or a flat surface. A small area of tissue is conductive between the two scissor blades. Therefore, bipolar scissors offer a greater level of patient safety than monopolar scissors.

  • Wide bipolar scissors are available in 18cm, 21cm, 23cm, and 28cm.
  • Obtainable in lengths of 18 centimeters, 21 centimeters, 23 centimeters, and 28 centimeters, bipolar slender type scissors are of the slim type.
  • Supercut Bipolar scissors come in either 18 cm or 21 cm lengths. The precise cutting blades permit fine and exact tissue coagulation, either simultaneously or alternately.
  • The Micro bipolar scissors are available in lengths of 13, 14, and 17.5 mm and feature ultra-thin and narrow blades, making them suitable for precision procedures.

Diathermy Scissors

Diathermy scissors are among the best surgical instruments Pakistan that are used for dissecting and cutting. These scissors help reduce bleeding intraoperatively, making the operating area easier to see and operate.

ENT Scissor

With ENT Micro scissors, hard or obstinate material can be cut into tiny pieces to remove foreign objects from nasal cavities or earwax from ear canals. They feature a 5mm jaw constructed of surgical steel for greater clinical control and precision. Sterile packaging is provided with ENT micro scissors. The instrument is intended for single-use only.

Iris Scissors

Developed initially for ophthalmological treatments, iris scissors are now used in a variety of other fields too. They come in various shapes and sizes, including straight points, curved points, and angled points. Supercut-One edge Iris scissor has a micro-serrated edge, while the other is honed for the sharpness of a knife.

Metzenbaum Scissors

Metzenbaum scissors are ideal for cutting delicate tissues and dissecting tissue. They are perfect for deep cuts since they have long handles and small blades. Metzenbaum scissors are known for their blunt-cut blades, making them well-suited for tissue dissection.

There is an unusually long ratio between the length of the shank and the length of the blade on Metzenbaum scissors. This indicates that they have a classified cutting edge. In addition to the glossy steel rings, Metzenbaum Scissors Regular Cut has smooth cutting edges. The Metzenbaum Scissors SuperCut is easy to distinguish due to its serrated cutting edge and gold thumb ring. Carbon Tungsten Both Metzenbaum scissor blades have carbide tips made of carbon tungsten. These points are neither serrated or smooth. There are two gold thumb rings attached to each blade that you can find at Wrangler Pakistan.

Neurosurgery Scissors

Neurosurgical operations require both ring-handled and spring-action scissors. Among the best surgical instruments Pakistan is the Jacobson and Bayonet types with spring handles, the Kurze Decker dissection scissors, and titanium types.

Ligature Scissors

The stitches and sutures are cut with ligature scissors. Cut sutures and tiny surgical wires with these thread scissors intraoperatively and postoperatively. Even delicate stitches can be safely cut with these scissors.

Mayo Scissors

The Mayo Scissors are among the best surgical instruments Sialkot that all general surgeons use. Mayo Scissors are used in the evaluation of muscles such as the rectus sheath, internal oblique, and transversus abdominis, along with procedures like mastectomy, appendectomy exploratory laparotomy, and herniotomy.

During a hysterectomy, the mayo scissors allow the most accurate cutting of the uterus and its supporting tendons. As part of the C-segment, the abs and waistband are trimmed. Tendons and muscles are treated during this procedure. A Mayo Scissor may also be used for laryngectomy and thyroidectomy. 

Mayo Scissors are available at Wrangler Pakistan in straight and curved blades, making them suitable for veterinary and podiatric procedures.

  • The Mayo Scissors include semi-blunt blades instead of conventional surgical scissors. There is a narrower middle part and longer handles on the Metzenbaum Mayo Scissors.
  • It is widely used to cut the surrounding tissues using straight blade Mayo scissors to treat wounds. Due to their tendency to cut sutures, straight Mayo Scissors are also known as suture Mayo Scissors.
  • A curvature in the Mayo Scissors allows them to penetrate deeper into tissue. The tissues that can be cut using the Mayo scissor are muscles, uterus, feet, and breasts. A Mayo Scissor is inserted into the tissue at the site of an autopsy. The Mayo Scissors are unfolded before dissecting the tissue.

Ophthalmology Scissors

There are two ophthalmic and eye scissors: one has a ring handle, and the other has a spring action. In addition to Castroviejo, Barraquer, Dorsal, Dewecker, Iris, Gradle, Enucleation, Vannas, Strabismus, Osher, Gill’s Welsh and Westcott, other styles are available. You can choose between stainless steel and titanium versions.

Post Mortem Scissors

This is used during autopsies. There are large blades that can cut through rigid bones and tissues. The blades are made from forged stainless steel, ensuring they last for a long time. They are inexpensive, stainless steel, and autoclavable.

Titanium Scissors

Titanium scissors are lightweight, non-magnetic, and highly corrosion-resistant. Compared to carbon steel, titanium is stronger. Nitric acid, chloride, saltwater, industrial contaminants, and organic contaminants are not harmful to titanium. Surgical instruments Sialkot made of titanium are 40% lighter and more flexible than Inox instruments.

These advantages reduce the risk of hand fatigue during lengthy procedures. Titanium scissors have much more durability when heated or cooled than stainless steel scissors. 430°C is the maximum temperature that titanium can withstand. This makes titanium an ideal material for MRI or harsh environments.

  • It is 100% non corrosive
  • Hand fatigue is reduced by 40% when using stainless steel compared to aluminium.
  • The material is non-magnetic (compatible with MRIs)
  • A blue oxide finish

Proctology Scissors

All of the following treatments require proctology scissors: restrictionplasty, colostomy drain, colonoscopy, colostomy, polypectomy, sigmoidoscopy, angioplasty, and hemorrhoidectomy. As part of colon surgery, proctology scissors are among the most useful surgical instruments in Pakistan that are used to perform excisions and dissections of the skin.

Super Twist Scissors

Razor-sharp blades on one side and micro-serrated blades on the other make these scissors extremely effective. Surgeons may benefit from these surgical scissors due to their numerous advantages. They provide clean cuts with minor tissue damage due to their sharp edge. When making an incision, the serrated edge prevents the tissue from sliding around.

Wrangler Instruments always improves its methods and practices in order to provide the finest customer service possible. As a company, we prefer to apply our experience to enhance our product lines, so that they may better serve our customers’ needs. 

Customer satisfaction is high because we know they can trust us to worry about quality and reliability as much as they do since we are a close-knit and devoted family company.

Due to the combination of skills and knowledge of Wrangler Instruments, an innovative and distinctive surgical instrument has been introduced to the market. Having studied the market and understanding our clients’ expectations, we combined dual finishes on one instrument. One assist in reducing glare under theatrical lighting, and the other guarantees maximum cleaning efficiency.

The company’s expert instrument finishers ensure that all surgical instruments are subjected to thorough cleaning before being dispatched for final processing.

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