Wrangler Instruments is on a mission to make the world a better place in the surgical tool industry as well as being an eco-friendly organization. Our dedicated team members are always working under policies that bring greenery to the Earth. It is the sole responsibility of the people to take care of the environment and stay away from such activities that are not beneficial to it. We are playing our part in the best possible manner.


The minor waste that is produced after manufacturing is catered in a controlled manner, no harmful material is directly exposed to the environment. No detrimental effect is done to the surrounding.

ISO 14001

ISO 14001 specifies the requirements for an environmental management system that we use to enhance our environmental performance. It is intended for use by us seeking to manage environmental responsibilities in a systematic manner that contributes to the environmental pillar of sustainability.
ISO 14001 helps Wrangler achieve the intended outcomes of its environmental management system, which provide value for the environment, the organization itself and others.

Water Conservation

We use many strategies to reduce total water volume used on-site, it will minimize treatment and transport losses as well as reduce the overall energy required for processing and conveyance. Furthermore, to enhance the system’s overall performance, water flow meters are read and monitored on a daily basis.

ROHS Compliant

RoHS stands for Restriction of Hazardous SubstancesThe substances banned under RoHS are lead (Pb), mercury (Hg), cadmium (Cd), hexavalent chromium (CrVI), polybrominated biphenyls (PBB), polybrominated diphenyl ethers (PBDE), and four different phthalates (DEHP, BBP, BBP, DIBP).
The restricted materials are hazardous to the environment and pollution landfills, and are dangerous in terms of occupational exposure during manufacturing and recycling.

The overall framework helps Wrangler instruments demonstrate their dedication to the fair treatment of workers. SA8000 not only leads to better working conditions and worker well-being, they also have benefits for productivity, stakeholder relationships, market access, and more.
Elements of the Standard

Child Labor

  • Child labor is strictly restricted in Wrangler Instruments, a restriction board has been placed at the entrance for this. The definition of child labor is any person less than 18 years old.

Health and Safety

  • We believe that the health and safety of our employees is our responsibility and we schedule interactive training sessions by experts in order to ensure top quality standards.


  • We strictly prohibit any sort of discrimination in regards of Race, color, religion, sex, age, disability, genetic information, and any other characteristic protected by law.
Forced or Compulsory Labor

Freedom of Association & Right to Collective Bargaining

Disciplinary Practices

Working Hours


Management System

Steel Standards

Only the finest quality of the metal is used in our production. The selected metals must show a little flexibility in the structure and reflect a tendency to be non-fragile under pressure. The thickness can also be varied from one type of product to another. In addition to that, different parts can also have varied tested steel.


Our packaging provides environmental, social and economic benefits while protecting public health and environment over their whole life cycle, from the extraction of raw materials until the final disposal.and that is why we use swiss recyclable cartons.

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