About Us

Excellence In Healthcare. Every Day.

Our Mission

Delivering Excellence in Global Healthcare Solutions

We work together everyday to supply quality medical devices to a diverse clientele globally while maintaining the best management practices and redefining the health care delivery

Our History

Tracing Our Path, Shaping the Future

Company Founded

2007: Inception of Wrangler Surgical as a manufacturer of high-quality medical instruments


2007: Collaborative effort in establishing Wrangler Surgical.

Initial Export to EU

2008: First export of quality medical devices to the European Union.

CE Certificate

2008: Attained the prestigious CE certificate, ensuring compliance with European regulations and standards.

FDA Approved

2009: Received approval from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, endorsing the safety and efficacy of our products.


2011: Participated in Medica, a renowned international trade fair for the medical industry, showcasing our innovative solutions.

ISO 13485 Certified

2012: Achieved ISO 13485 certification, demonstrating our commitment to quality management systems for medical devices.

Lahore Corporate Office

2018: Opened a corporate office in Lahore, expanding our presence and facilitating better customer service.

Class IIA

2020: Achieved Class IIA classification for our medical devices, meeting stringent regulatory requirements.


Class IIB

2021: Upgraded to Class IIB classification, further demonstrating our dedication to delivering safe and effective medical devices.

Core Competencies

We have a range of the finest General Surgery/Dental Restoration Instruments. The surgical tools manufactured by wranglers include all types of needle holders, surgical scissors, forceps, retractors, and related instruments. On the other hand, our healthcare products range of dental surgical instruments includes medical devices from forceps to retractors and curettes to towel clamps.


Growth Over The Decade

Wrangler Instruments has one of the Fastest Growth in the Industry, with the achievement of (TDAP) Tier 1 Exporter within its first 4 years. We started from a small workshop of 10 people and now we are a team of 100+ permanent members and 500 indirect employees through socially responsible vendor management. We also hit our highest goal of exporting 4 million-plus instruments in 2020.

Core Values